Focus Stationery & Computer Centre

About Us

Focus was formed in 1992 as a result of a blue chip corporate requiring an SME to supply them with computer equipment and peripherals. The offerings then grew from being solely computers to include stationery and office supplies. Due to the pending retirement of the original owner there was an opportunity a buyout . The company is now 100% youth owned and run. 

The new ownership and management has brought in additional expertise in the fields of
* Information Technology * Networking * Supply Chain Management * Financial Management * Governance and Corporate Ethics * Project Management

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Product offering
Our Vision
Our vision is to strive to provide a complete spectrum of technology to our clients. Through our vast links within the various distribution chains, together with their back office support we aim to become a leader in the SME reseller market.
Our Mission
Our mission at Focus is to understand our clients requirements and add value to their long term success and competitive strength. This is accomplished by helping clients to identify solutions that improve performance.​
Code of Ethics
Focus has a strict Business Code of Ethics (BCOE), where all shareholders, management and staff have to adhere to the BCOE at all times.